We compiled a Trend Forecast for 2020 and it’s now available


The Soft Serve 2020 Trend Forecast is a research and forecasting document specifically focusing on the soft goods market. We initially saw a need for the forecast to support our own design practice as there was no research that specifically talked to our industry. Due to interest we’ve decided to release it publicly. To give you an idea of what’s covered a preview of the full report is available for download below.

A foreword from the team…

Ten years ago there is no way any of us at Soft Serve would have guessed we'd be publishing a trend report. If you had asked our opinion back then, we probably would have ranted about how big brands exploit trend forecasts which leads to unhealthy consumerism and unsustainable business practices. In the decade since there has been a shift, not in our opinions on sustainability, but in the dynamic of consumer research. Today the opinions and motivations of people in their 20s and 30s are completely different and the research has become an advocate for change on behalf of younger generations.

There is a growing body of research that shows the generation gap is bigger than it's ever been. The world view of Millennials is growing increasingly at odds with older generations. This conflict of ideas is particularly relevant given that the average CEO was born in 1961. Consider the different world views. A CEO’s first encounter with a computer would likely have been learning to use a Commodore at their first office job. A Millennial has never known a world without smartphones. You might argue that generation gaps aren't a new phenomenon, and that design trends aren't relevant at an executive level. However, the purchasing intelligence of younger people has grown more sophisticated and less superficial. Traditional trend cycles are still relevant but there is now a huge emphasis placed on issues that relate to how a business operates.

Many of the themes and topics covered in the report should already be on the radar. Individually they are interesting thought bubbles. We have consistently found ourselves discussing them internally and with industry over the past few years, but rarely acted on them. In compiling this report we've drawn the link between each idea to paint a more detailed picture. Our hope in doing so is to give weight to the collective voice of younger people who aren't often represented at a board level. And in turn, we hope this gives confidence to businesses to embrace positive change.

Photo credit -   Rick Cogley

Photo credit - Rick Cogley

Thanks to everyone involved for all your hard work. To download a copy of the preview sign up below, if you’re interested in the full report email contact@softservestudio.com.