The 3-UP Sling Bag

3-UP Sling
For Villager Supplies
07 / 2019

The first product released by Villager Supplies

To date, the Switch is the highest-selling Nintendo console. It's also the most successful hybrid console, meaning it can be used as either at home or as a portable device. The flexibility of the design makes it simpler to find opportunities for gaming outside of the home. The 3-UP Sling was developed as a companion to the Nintendo Switch to further its portability and to make gaming on the road even simpler.

Like the Switch, The 3-UP design focuses on flexibility, as well as organisation and security. It's a hybrid of styles: a protective case that can be stowed inside a larger bag, a portrait shoulder bag and a horizontal sling. A clean and simple strap attachment was developed to switch between the styles. The capacity is balanced to work across the different formats, as compact as possible whilst just big enough for a day out with the Switch.

The 3-UP is produced in colour matched contrasting nylon weaves, paired with Vislon zips and hypalon details. Excellent drop protection is provided from the use of Poron XRD foam.


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